Which Sectors May Apply?

If you are an SME based in Ireland, you are invited to apply for the productivity vouchers. If you represent a not-for-profit business or social entrepreneurship, you may also apply but must operate on a commercial basis.

Here are some of the sectors that may apply:

❏ Administrative Support

❏ Consumer Retail Products and Retail businesses

❏ Construction And Engineering

❏ Data centres

❏ Education

❏ Energy and Energy Products

❏ Environmental and Cleantech Products & Services

❏ Finance & Insurance

❏ Hospitality & Accommodation

❏ Marketing & Advertising

❏ Health and Beauty

❏ Transport systems

❏ Manufacturing

❏ Media and Entertainment

❏ Medtech & Bio Pharma Engineering

❏ Motor Trade

❏ Pharmaceuticals & Lifesciences

❏ Print and Packaging

❏ Public Sector Products and Services

❏ Real Estate & Property Management

❏ Software & IT Services

❏ Telecoms and Internet providers

❏ Trade Missions

❏ Travel & Tourism

❏ Wholesale Trade


These Sectors May Not Apply

Some types of business sectors are not eligible to apply for productivity vouchers. Your business must NOT be operating within the following areas:

❏ The Primary production of agricultural products, fishery and aquaculture

❏ The Sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages where consumed on the retail premises

❏ Activities relating to the gambling sector, including ‘gaming’ (as defined in the Gaming and Lotteries Act 1956),

❏ Activities relating to Adult entertainment

❏ Activities relating to Tobacco products