Quick Look Productivity Scenarios

Here are some practical snapshots to help you kickstart your application. Get a taste of the true potential waiting to be tapped with the right Productivity Plan, regardless of what type of sector you are in. We believe there’s always a way to improve what you do and accomplish more with what you have.
Have a quick look here at our 1-minute Productivity Scenarios.


1. Construction Manufacturing Spotlight

When you are in the business of physically manufacturing, packaging and delivering a product hands-on, examining your physical environment, facilities and processes could yield benefits.

Business Type: ​Manufacturer of Foldaway Attic Stairs delivering to domestic and export markets.

Problem:​ A review of their workflow processes showed a disproportionate use of staffing and work time was used in post production, whilst packaging products for export.

Solution:​ As a result, they redesigned the packaging area to streamline the process. Previously 2 men would take 90 minutes to package a single product. Now 1 man is able to complete the task in just 10 minutes.


2. Hospitality Spotlight

A more systematic look at your business processes can pave the way for many small changes that add up. Measuring what you do more accurately and creating data-based insights, will give you more knowledge, space and time to focus on the business strategically.
Business Type​: Cafe and Large Catering Business

Problem​: The business had to reduce stock levels, and optimise staffing levels. Their productivity challenge required changes to long established procedures and a reduction in time spent on administrative tasks. New systems and habits were required to develop leaner ways of working, grow more capacity and improve efficiency.

Solution​: Improving Data Analysis methods allowed them to develop leaner processes. They used more accurate sales analysis, customer price tracking and more timely production planning. These insights led to time and cost savings across the business. This in turn, released much needed resources through better work methods helped to develop new sales opportunities in turn.


3. Services Sector Spotlight

If your business is in the service sector, it’s easy to get caught up in a lot of red tape and bureaucratic paper shuffling. Inefficient routines tasks may be inherited from outdated work practices from a time when regulations or technology were different to what they are now.
Business Type:​ Travel Company

Problem: ​Two employees were​ ​working full-time on administrative financial functions, whilst there was a backlog in other administrative tasks that were developing as the business grew.

Solution: ​A redesign of their work and administrative processes allowed the company to increase administrative productivity by 70%. This freed up the administration team to assist with other areas of the business requiring administrative support.


4. Food Manufacturing & Processing Spotlight

A manufacturing business can generate substantial cost-savings in more efficient energy use, waste disposal and water processes.

Business Type:​ Chocolate Manufacturer

Problem: ​ Rising energy costs were a challenge to the business’ bottom line.

Solution​: Expert support and coaching allowed the business to create greater environmental awareness amongst operations, maintenance and procurement staff. This led to the application of energy saving initiatives in refrigeration, motors & drives, compressed air, water heating and lighting equipment.